Jewish American News On Learning And Living Models

Around the world, people are listening to news on a number of topics. While it is good to keep up with world issues, Jewish American news has been front and center as of late. When and where possible, it is also good to watch other entertainment programs related to Judaism.

A number of well known news anchors are Jewish. Some even have talk shows related to community affairs. Regardless of the sect or whether one practices Kaballah, it is an interesting religion. Watching shows related to the Faith can help children and adult understand the different aspects in more detail. There are also music channels and programs devoted to music of the Faith including several videos which can be found on websites like YouTube and others.

Orthodox laws of Judaism are often some of the most strict of any religion. There are rules and guidelines associated each Holiday, some which require fasting. During the winter holidays, children often have a hard time when first leaning about Santa, Jesus and Judaism.

Within the New Age and Spiritual movement, many individuals, Jewish and otherwise are studying Kaballah. Kaballah is an ideology, not a religion. It is an ideology that has for many years been thought of as Jewish Mysticism. While, others believe it to be of the Occult and therefore of the Devil or Satan.

There are several online magazines, newspapers and webzines dedicated to the Faith. When chatting online, especially with someone whom one does not know, it is important to be kind and respectful. It is also important to remember that people others meet online come from many different backgrounds and religions.

Some of the most exciting news at the moment relates to the opening of the Center for Jewish Learning and Living. The Center is a school that hopes to be a model for others around the country. It is experiential while at the same time remaining religious. Activities are ongoing and offer annual gatherings, weekend retreats, enrichment classes and ability oriented Hebrew pods. At times there may be events which require both parent and child to be in attendance. Most often, parents will simply drop off and pick up children for field trips after signing a release.

Designed for children from kindergarten through eighth grade, the school offers a comprehensive program that is ability based. Unlike most schools, classes are designed around a family’s busy schedule. The name Temple Aliyah’s Center for Jewish Learning and Living is a good example as to the primary aims of the school. Like most private schools, it can often be hard to get in so it is good to apply as soon as an interest is realized.

Children are often welcome in public school and private schools regardless of gender, race or religion. It is the children who often have a problem when bullied and request parents move them to a different school. If individuals could teach one another to be kind instead of hiding behind fear, it would make the world a much better place.

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