The U. S. Civil War And Antisemitism

Americans are more familiar with the terms bigotry, hatred and racism than antisemitism. The earliest American occurrence of antisemitism in the U. S. Occurred during the civil war. At that point and time, Ulysses S. Grant ordered the expulsion of all non-Christin, non-European, non-whites out of three southern American States. Abraham Lincoln, President at the time immediately rescinded the order. While known best for freeing the slaves, his impact on America was far more reaching than often realized.

Europe and The Middle East where Jews have been persecuted for centuries still report far many more incidents than do U. S. Officials. While antisemitism is alive and well, it is nowhere near the torture the Jews who were sacrificed, survived and died during the Holocaust. Most often today, antisemitism is related more to bullying and vandalism than torture and death camps.

The first Jewish American students reduced these sentiments in the U. S. More recently, scholars have also found that antisemitism or racism have existed in America since the American revolution. The Native Americans being the first to experience expulsion, execution and racism during the American Revolution.

Unfortunately, antisemitism has always been a part of life in the United States. There are also many other countries which have similar problems. The first U. S. Incident being reported during the Civil War when General Ulysses S. Grant issued an order that required the expulsion of all Jews in several Southern States. An order which was quickly rescinded by then President, Abraham Lincoln.

The Jewish American community in the U.S. Has flourished since the 19th century. After enduring a long period of racism directed not only at the Jews but at all non-northwest European, non-Christian groups. Today, the United States has the second to the largest Jewish community in the World. In large part, because of so many American Jews and Germanic Jews who migrated to the United States during World War II.

Fortunately, Antisemitic incidents have decreased during the last century. Most likely thanks to the Civil Rights Act, racism in general also saw a decrease in overall racism. Defining the difference between Antisemitism and racism can often be difficult. The clearest definition is that Antisemitism is hatred based on race and religion. Whereas, racial discrimination is strictly based on race alone.

Often based in extreme right wing religion, antisemitism, bigotry and hatred are taught not inherited. Skinheads, well known for antisemitic behavior are responsible for a lot of the current antisemitism in current culture. Sadly, many of these individuals involved in acts of white supremacy have no knowledge of the Jewish Faith. Nor, the people or heritage whom are being discriminated against.

The good news is that most U. S. Citizens reject Antisemitism. While, the Anti-Defamation League reports that 64% enjoy and encourage Jewish community and cultural presentations. Attending events outside of one’s own culture can often be an enlightening experience. Individuals can find out more about local Jewish events by contacting the nearest Jewish Community Center and requesting a calendar.

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