Ideas On How To Engage With Jewish American Organizations

Jews have practices, perspectives and traditions that need to be followed by the community at home or in the Diaspora. They are recorded in the Torah with such inclusions as social justice, continuous learning, repairing the world and charity. This responsibility is overseen by Jewish American organizations through established institutions and responsible individuals. Every Jew has a role to play in ensuring that these goals are realized.

Membership is open to Jews from Israel and the diaspora. The issues that are addressed on regular basis include education, social welfare and participation in social services. They run budgets of several million dollars every year to facilitate their activities. The groups come together to ensure that their activities are coordinated and have greater impact.

Jews are commanded to care for humanity by the Torah. This serves as a foundation for organizations working in the humanitarian sector. Jews are required to participate through giving in person or kind. They become agents of miracles into the lives of other people. The groups offer such an opportunity to individuals.

The global organization holds what is referred to as planning table. It aims at pulling resources together to achieve a common goal. The resources are channels in a systematic manner in order to achieve better results. Innovative ideas are also presented at the meeting which also witnesses prioritization based on dynamic needs.

Security ranks high among the concerns for Jews anywhere. This is a delicate matter that requires strategies and expert input. Active participation of all Jews is also required. Security is guaranteed through study of trends and preparing for the future with such information at hand.

Groups in different parts of the world are engaged in guaranteeing that the welfare of the global population is met. The groups go beyond the community of Jews to include other vulnerable nations and communities. They have participated in humanitarian efforts especially in disaster and war zones.

Groups focus on enhancing the welfare of all Jews as required in the Torah. A Jew should be close to the family, community and friends. They are taken through education sessions and cultural programs to instill such values. The sessions are grouped depending on gender and age. The aim is to bring up a generation that is responsible and carries on community values.

Advocacy seeks to safeguard the welfare of Jews across the globe. Peace in the Middle East is a major challenge in this regard. Experts and diplomats lobby nations into guaranteeing the security of Jews at home and in the Diaspora. Any contribution towards this goal is welcome.

Youths are entered into programs aimed at providing them with necessary cultural and community grounding. This happens through scheduled visits to Israel so that they can identify with their roots. They are taken to synagogues, schools and communities where they have an authentic experience. It requires resources to achieve this goal.

It is the responsibility of each individual to work towards guaranteeing the safety and dignity of Jews worldwide. Members are required participate in person or support such activities. These groups are open to all Jews. Their contacts are available online.

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