The Issue Of Anti Semitism In The US

There is a large Jewish community living in America today. These Jews are worried by a wave of sentiment against Jews that has spread as a result of Israeli invasion and bombing in Gaza. This has reached America too with hate graffiti scrawled on walls outside yeshivas and synagogues. This has resulted in Jewish leaders meeting with government officials to discuss the rise of anti semitism in the US.

The most persistent form of sentiment against Jews that still seems to exist amongst Americans is one of attitude. A negative stereotype is held by a percentage of citizens. They see Jews as not fitting in with American life in social, religious and economic ways. They see them as manipulative and powerful, with divided loyalties due to their allegiance to Israel.

In fact polls conducted have reflected a decline in this type of stereotypical thinking. This has not, however, lead to a decline in hate crimes. The recent flare-up of these crimes put fear into the hearts of Jews. The economic recession has also contributed to a slight increase in anti-Jewish feeling amongst those with suspicions about the financial power of Jews and their influence on Wall Street.

Hate crimes are extremely worrying, even if they are perpetrated by a small percentage of Americans. The growth of certain organizations advocating Aryan supremacy has done nothing to allay these fears. The holocaust is never far from the minds of Jews. Another form of anti-Jewish sentiment is found in the form of thinking of historical revisionists and neo-Nazis who deny that the holocaust ever happened.

Aryan white supremest groups have done nothing to allay their fears. These groups such as the Aryan nations and the neo-Nazis voice their bigotry and follow it up with hate crimes. The propaganda voiced by these groups has drawn young, impressionable followers. These groups also attract those looking for a scapegoat for their problems. A tiny fringe minority of neo-Nazis and revisionist historians even deny the holocaust, another form of anti-semitism.

Anti-semitic acts committed and recorded in 2014 around the world included countries in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and North America. These acts included incidents of murder at Jewish sites, death threats against Jews, gun violence, arson and property desecration. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has a long shadow and recent acts included spraying of graffiti on walls outside synagogues and yeshivas in America.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has shed long shadows. This has had certain consequences for Jews living in America as well. These hate crimes may be committed by a very small percentage of the population but this does not take away from the ability to create fear and uncertainty amongst Jews. With their history of persecution, it is no wonder that such acts cause anxiety. It is often difficult to allay such fears and tell them that they do not have to worry.

However, in the U. S. The government officials and political leaders take anti-semitism very seriously. Anti-Jewish attitudes and behavior are carefully monitored. Words have been matched with strong law enforcement. It is unequivocally condemned by President Obama and his government. The government also rejects any attempts to justify this hatred as an acceptable expression of disapproval over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The only thing that would be more ominous than what is happening at present is if it was sanctioned by those in authority.

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