Why Install Emergency Exit Signs With Lights In Your Premises

Every business should have a disaster preparedness plan with strict adherence to the OSHA regulations and building construction codes. If employers are able to put in place clear communicative signs, they can help workers to escape premises when disasters strike. An effective signage for emergencies should be very reliable in times of tragedies. By fitting emergency exit signs with lights, it ensures that they clearly show the directions where worker should go when escaping.

When catastrophes like a fire break out in a building, people have very limited time to get out before the flames consume them. If they do not find the direction to get out from the property, they may be trapped inside. Owners of buildings are required to observe the strict guidelines set in the building codes and the OSHA regulations to make sure people are protected.

Although there can be exit signs showing people where to go when disasters occur, they may not be effective when troubles occur. For example, some may only function if they are illuminated on by other light sources. If a building is too dark, those sign tools may not be easily visible.

Premises owners who do not fit these sign products may be fined or sued for failure to observe the building codes and the OSHA regulations. In times of disasters, lights are likely to go out. The electricity or gas supply is disconnected in order to avoid more damage from occurring. If the sign products do not have illuminating light, it means people cannot see them.

If the backup generators are turned off to prevent more fires from breaking up, during that time, the building is very dark and people many not be able to see the routes exiting the property. If a sign does not have light, then the people cannot see it and they will remain trapped inside.

Ensure you fit sign products that take into consider the nature of situation in the times of fires. One reason why many people are trapped and die inside buildings whenever there are tragedies is that they panic and cannot find their way to a safe place. If the signage boards are not visible, it will be difficult for the people to get out. They will not know the direction and route to assembly point and could eventually be trapped inside.

The firefighting team also needs to find the routes to the buildings so that they can help people get out. In the large and multi-storey properties, there is a general rule that when disasters strike, people should be able to quickly turn their back on the fires and move away speedily to safe places. This is a process, which requires that people are educated on how they should respond to incidents of fires.

Even when the firefighting and rescue team arrives, it also needs to know the directions to help people get out of the building. This requires that the sign marks function properly and are clearly visible. As an employer or building owner, should make sure the signage tools for emergencies are periodically checked to ensure they are working properly. In addition, use only reliable signs that will not go off when the lights shut down. All the escape routes should also be clear and not obstructed.

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