Find Success In Federal Contracting With US Federal Contractor Registration’s Simplified Acquisition Program

US Federal Contractor Registration has introduced a new way for small businesses to break into the federal marketplace and start winning contract awards. This new offering, the Simplified Acquisition Program, has already proven effective for new contractors.

Federal Acquisition Regulations mandate that Simplified Acquisition rules apply to contracts between $2,500 and $150,000 in size, although some industries may allow such rules for contracts as high as $6.5 million. The Simplified Acquisition Program is based upon these contracting regulations.

Simplified Acquisition contracts create additional opportunities for small, small disadvantaged, women-owned, veteran-owned, HUBZone, and service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns to obtain a fair proportion of government contracts. While simplified acquisition contracts primarily support small businesses they can also offer large businesses another significant way of earning federal funds in government contracting.

The Simplified Acquisition Program allows businesses to build relationships with procurement officers to ask about their available solicitations and make real person-to-person connections. This is extremely important because most government agencies will not post contracts from time to time that range from $2,500 to $25,000 to FedBizOpps (FBO) or another federal bid board. Agencies will also use SMART Pay Cards, blank purchase agreements, miscellaneous purchase agreements, and even cash on simplified acquisition contracts. Normal bids are not given this much leeway because large contracts above the simplified acquisition threshold must be reported in the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS). Being able to bid on government contracts that are not even released yet gives a business using the Simplified Acquisition Program a much needed leg up on their competition in the federal marketplace.

The US Federal Contractor Registration Simplified Acquisition Program is an innovative introduction for small businesses into the lucrative world of federal contracting. The program helps businesses complete all the paperwork and red tape necessary to get started as well as lay a foundation of best practices and marketing strategies that will help the vendor find success. The program has already helped earn millions of dollars in contract awards for past clients such as Mac Made Easy, Creative Tent International, Excel Concrete, Suburban Surgical Co., Inc, and Nancys I.T. Guy.

US Federal Contractor Registration is the world’s largest third party registration firm that conducts everything from System for Award Management (SAM) to GSA Schedules. US Federal Contractor Registration testimonials and reviews are second to none with having registered over 65,000 businesses in System for Award Management. US Federal Contractor Registration has also registered and provided federal marketing solutions for businesses like McGraw Hill, HP, Wells Fargo, Xerox, GoodWill, Dixie, UPS, Heinz, Sheraton Hotels, Marriott, Westin, Interstate Oil, CITI, and Coldwell Banker; as well as academic institutions and colleges like NYC, Northwestern, Oxford, Southwestern, and Mercer. Numerous federal agencies like US Army, US Navy, Veteran Affairs and United States Department of Agriculture have also had their government paperwork facilitated by US Federal Contractor Registration Case Managers

Ready to start contracting with the Uncle Sam? Call US Federal Contractor Registration‘s Contractor Helpline today to register in SAM.

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