The Current Good And Bad Cambodian News

Daily broadcasts consist of different stories ranging from bad news to good news. Everyday, there are killings, crimes, terrorism and violence, and a lot more hurtful reports. However, there are still good ones that put smiles to people and warm their hearts. There are different information networks in different countries. They have access to both local and international news with the help of the satellite.

Cambodia is accelerating economically these days. They have beautiful spots that have contributed to their booming tourism industry. They also have information agencies that keep them up to date with what is happening with the world. Cambodian news is a mixture of local and international news delivered either in English or in their native tongue.

The good news is that tourism has grown and the industry keeps on booming. More tourists are attracted by the beauty of nature, vistas, and people. There are a lot of reasons why tourists like to stay in Cambodia. They have good food, unique styles of clothing, and friendly people.

Another great news is the anticipation of the first lady of America. The wife of Barack Obama, Michelle will be coming to the country. She will go to Japan first and then to Cambodia for the advocation of education among girls. Millions of females have stopped and dropped from school for many different reasons. And her advocacy is to encourage the governments to uphold literacy among girls.

Another striking information in Cambodia is the increasing HIV cases in a small town. Reportedly, an unlicensed physician has injected and reused some medical equipment which are contaminated with the virus. There had been more than two hundred cases recorded related to the incident. This is a sad irony because the government and the health agencies are making extensive efforts to prevent the spread of the virus.

There are also high cases of malaria. Cambodia is just one of the countries whose malaria patients have become immune to the primary drug used to treat the disease. The drug is called artemisinin. Myanmar and India also have similar problems. And the medical experts are finding the right alternatives to cure the patients especially the terminal ones.

Although the country has been making progress economically mainly because of tourism, agriculture, and commerce, the threat of poverty remains to some people especially in remote areas. They are still facing unemployment as well. There is an increasing volume of degree holders but it seems that it is quite difficult to distribute them all to various jobs.

These problems are recurring and are similar to other developing and underdeveloped countries. But there are also pretty good ones that bring hope and inspiration to the Cambodians. They have funny and feature stories that people can read daily in newspapers and in the internet.

These issues can be overcome by Cambodia by means of cooperation, communication, and awareness. It is just a matter of time and they will become more developed. With the help of the United Nations and some powerful allies, they will certainly overcome these problems. They need to focus in education, health, and good governance.

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