Info On The Constitutional Republic Vs Democracy

In the United States, the republican and democratic parties are the main political parties. Both parties have many and almost the same followers. There are citizens who believe that the terms of each are beneficial to the public and they decide to be neutral. They do not show interest in any of the parties. The two parties have different belief this is what makes them opposition parties. We are going to look at the constitutional republic vs democracy.

A nation that applies the democratic style of ruling will give its members a chance to enjoy the political education that the government offers. The training is free and gives the public the opportunity to learn how the government carries its operations on daily bases. The interest of the citizens is given the first priority as the government is for the people by the people. Equality of all citizens is maintained. The law states that no one is above the law.

There is responsibility and stability in the general administration in a state that uses a democratic type of government. There are minimal causes of revolution as citizens and government is pleased with this type ruling. This form of government is stable hence economic growth.

However, countries that apply this form of government have challenges that make it hard to function properly. Democratic method of ruling is a quantitative method. It only emphasizes on numerical figures of majority in the country. Citizens are after quality and productive leaders who will help them to develop their economy. The method uses the rule of unskilled and incompetent leaders.

The citizens elect a leader in a republican country. This ensures fair running of government. Since the citizens have elected leaders who they share the same vision, they both participate in running of a government. The leaders work hand in hand with the local citizen in development projects. This method of ruling fosters economic growth in the country. This is because the elected leaders present the problem their citizens are going through and ensure they are solved.

In the land where republican is applied, all the people and the government are accountable under the law. The rights of all citizens are recognized individually under the law and not of majority people. When it comes to making of laws in land, the bill is thoroughly scrutinized before passing it into a law. The separation of power makes it easy to monitor all the systems of a government.

Conversely, the republican style has a number of demerits that makes it hard to implement it. The unelected officials have a great influence in running of the government. They influence the decisions made in Supreme Court. At times, the particular government is forced to amend some laws to satisfy the opposition officials. It is hard to amend the constitution as it involves many processes hence consuming a lot of time and resources.

For a nation have transparent leadership, it needs to incorporate the two ruling styles. The interest of citizens must be the first priority. All citizens must obey the set laws.

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