News Of Killings Of Unarmed African Americans

The headlines news about the deaths of South Carolina black individuals that was on air this week has finally died down. South Carolina is a state that has forty-seven percent black people, but the police department has an ironically eighty people percent white people. The killings of unarmed African Americans normal raise issues of racism that is a vice the world has been fighting for ages.

The information that the white officer that killed the unarmed black man had been charged with murder had made many feels that justice had been done. Michael T. Slager the police who was charged claimed in the case that he killed the man because he feared for his life. However, the video footage got from the scene of crime shows a different story. It is because Mr. Scot was already running when Mr. Slager drew the weapon and pulled the trigger when he was over twenty feet away.

The footage further shows the policeman handcuffing the man after killing him before moving a distance to pick something from the ground of which he returns and drops it next to the lifeless body. It should, however, be noted that it is not an isolated case of the senseless killings of the African Americans. Some of these other events that showed that it was a trend in the past few months includes.

Recently, Michael Brown who is a teenager in Ferguson was killed by another policeman. Eric Garner was not having any arm and was only selling loose cigarettes but was again shot by police in Staten Island by choking him.

The one that spark protests across the nation is the twelve-year-old boy Tamir Rice, who was killed when playing with a pellet gun. Why would such things happen to black people? Why are they being killed by policemen without any reason?

The answer to the above question was revealed in Ferguson this week The suburb of Saint Louis has been a home to the blacks and has increased since 1990 from twenty five percent to sixty seven percent as at 2010. Despite these demographic trends, the structure of power has not changed over the years. When Brown was shot, the members of the council were white except for one person who was black.

No African American was servicing in any school board, and this unbalanced representation must be an indicator of the oppression the black people have been going through in the hands of the police department. Reports indicate that blacks got harsher penalties for the same crimes by the white people.

The ruling that was given was aimed at settling the record on the tendencies of racism. The heinous crimes have attracted lots of protests since August, and they shape municipal elections. Some of the candidates vying for these posts joined in the protests. It is, therefore, imperative to the residents of these regions to overhaul the politics of the region to prevent such things from happening again. Each group should be represented in councils so as to reduce instances of a given group being favoured.

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