How The Simplified Acquisition Program Can Jumpstart Your Contracting Strategy

Even though it can be remarkably profitable, breaking into the federal market is not easy. Despite a large number of new vendors registering every day to sell their products and services to the federal government, the majority of them struggle and several ultimately never achieve success. So what is the difference between the successful vendors and the failures? The secret is the strategy utilized by the Simplified Acquisition Program.

Federal Acquisition Regulations has defined Simplified Acquisitions as any solicitation between $2,500 and $150,000 and designated specific rules and procedures for these contracts. The procedure is more similar to how you might order a pizza rather than the formal bidding process used for larger contracts. US Federal Contractor Registration has launched their Simplified Acquisition Program to take advantage of these simplified rules and give new, inexperienced contractors an edge over their competition.

However, larger corporations should not be discouraged from using the Simplified Acquisition Program either. The program’s ease and simplicity can help open new revenue streams for businesses of any size, industry, or level of contracting experience! Even businesses who qualify for set-asides such as service-disabled veteran-owned firms or HUBZone business concerns can take advantage of the program’s benefits!

One of the key benefits of the Simplified Acquisition Program is the emphasis on networking and building relationships with purchasing officers – as this is widely recognized as being essential to success in federal contracting. Since most qualifying contracts are never advertised on FedBizOpps or other public bid boards, contractors in the Simplified Acquisition Program gain near exclusive insider knowledge of upcoming contracts and projects thanks to the relationships they build with agency contacts. Invoicing and receiving payment for such contracts is also highly simplified, making the entire transaction nearly as easy as doing business in the private sector.

US Federal Contractor Registration has helped generate millions of dollars in additional revenue for small businesses, thanks to their new Simplified Acquisition Program. Participants like ECSI International, which has been awarded over $1.4 million since joining the program, gain everything they need to find success in federal contracting today, including System for Award Management registration, a seven page website in the standard Federal Government format, branded domain and hosting, web optimization, customized official government profile, monthly email bid notification and contract support.

US Federal Contractor Registration is the world’s largest third party registration firm that conducts everything from System for Award Management (SAM) to GSA Schedules. US Federal Contractor Registration testimonials and reviews are second to none with having registered over 65,000 businesses in System for Award Management. US Federal Contractor Registration has also registered and provided federal marketing solutions for businesses like McGraw Hill, HP, Wells Fargo, Xerox, GoodWill, Dixie, UPS, Heinz, Sheraton Hotels, Marriott, Westin, Interstate Oil, CITI, and Coldwell Banker; as well as academic institutions and colleges like NYC, Northwestern, Oxford, Southwestern, and Mercer. Numerous federal agencies like US Army, US Navy, Veteran Affairs and United States Department of Agriculture have also had their government paperwork facilitated by US Federal Contractor Registration Case Managers.

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