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Michael Dale Huckabee was born and raised in Arkansas, in what he calls a ‘working class’ family. A former Southern Baptist pastor, he was Lieutenant Governor and Governor for over a decade. He ran for president in 2008 and has entered the race again for 2016. Mike Huckabee policy solutions are fairly well-known, since he has been a radio and television talk show host, leaving only to mount his latest campaign.

Huckabee’s record as Lieutenant Governor and Governor in Arkansas can stand scrutiny. During his tenure, the budget was balanced and a record surplus amassed. He takes pride in the fact that he reduced the tax burden on individuals and businesses and eliminated many taxes altogether, all while getting the state back to a sound financial footing.

During his tenure, individual income went up while welfare rolls declined by over 45%. Although his former support of the Common Core curriculum worries many, he was a staunch supporter of home schooling and initiated the first charter schools in the state.

As a pastor and as a politician, he has championed the sanctity of life (as Governor, he abolished partial birth abortion in Arkansas). He is on record as wishing to see ‘Roe vs. Wade’ repealed. He was consistently tough on crime and saw the homicide rate decrease sharply while he was in office. He supported (and still does) the traditional family as the basis for a stable society, and opposed (and still does) same-sex marriage.

To know where he stands today, voters can check out his campaign website. His positions are clearly set out, and the viewer can click on various ‘planks’ of his platform to explore areas of interest or concern. All statements he has made since throwing his hat in the ring can be considered campaign speech, since even at this early stage the race is on.

Huckabee believes that science on man-made climate change is ‘not settled’ enough to justify a war on carbon. He is a strong believer in US energy independence and supports both traditional and ‘green’ energy solutions. He believes that abortion is wrong and that decisions on this controversial subject should be made at the state level. He supports only adult stem cell research and treatment.

He advocates repeal and replacement of Obamacare. He opposes gun control. He opposes amnesty and advocate secure borders. He stands with Israel and supports a unified Jerusalem as that nation’s capital. He wants to abolish the IRS and establish a ‘Fair Tax’ that spreads the burden over the whole of society. He wants to ‘fix’ the VA and hold government bureaucrats accountable for failures and corruption. He believes that America should lead the free world and have a strong military.

A clear understanding of Huckabee’s positions now (and there have been some changes over the years) is important to rightly judge this man who would be president. The number of candidates running for the Republican nomination may seem overwhelming, but it is important to choose the one who will best fulfill the desires of the American people and best lead the nation in the future.

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