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How Anti Constitutionalism Threatens American Liberty

It’s been more than two hundred years since the United States adopted the Constitution as its chief governing document, and the liberties secured within its text have continued to inspire people around the world. Though the nation’s Founders had many different ideas, they all shared a desire for a system of government that protected liberty. Sadly, there is an anti constitutionalism at work today that seeks to unravel their efforts.

Ideas On How To Engage With Jewish American Organizations

Jews have practices, perspectives and traditions that need to be followed by the community at home or in the Diaspora. They are recorded in the Torah with such inclusions as social justice, continuous learning, repairing the world and charity. This responsibility is overseen by Jewish American organizations through established institutions and responsible individuals. Every Jew has a role to play in ensuring that these goals are realized.

The U. S. Civil War And Antisemitism

Americans are more familiar with the terms bigotry, hatred and racism than antisemitism. The earliest American occurrence of antisemitism in the U. S. Occurred during the civil war. At that point and time, Ulysses S. Grant ordered the expulsion of all non-Christin, non-European, non-whites out of three southern American States. Abraham Lincoln, President at the time immediately rescinded the order. While known best for freeing the slaves, his impact on America was far more reaching than often realized.