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Best Selling Non-Fiction FBI Books

A-G Mans Journal is a real life narrative of Revell Oliver. He rose through the ranks to investigate and supervise some of the most prominent cases in history. They include Ku Klux Klan, Watergate, Iran hostage crisis and the assassination of JF Kennedy, among others. The real life of an agent handling such prominent cases is bound to move any title to the top of FBI books. An interesting part of this book is the personal talk he has with Edgar Hoover.

Brief Preview On FBI Books

There are a lot of novels on FBI. The FBI books are authored by a lot of authors among them Catherine Coulter. She began writing in her early age, about fourteen years. She wrote two novels at that time that had fifteen pages for each. She has more than fifty novels, authoring about two in every year. Another author is Jullie James who left law profession to become all-time time writer. Abigail Roux is the other author famous for being a volleyball star in the past.